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Die Young Stay Pretty (Excel Saga)

Title: Die Young Stay Pretty
Based on: Excel Saga
Challenge: 31_days 2006 Theme Exchange #28 "I hope I die before I get old"
Type: Humor; 100 words
Warnings: Character (Hyatt) death.

Excel Saga © Young King Hours / J. C. Staff / ADV Films.
"Die Young Stay Pretty" by Blondie.

Excel and Hyatt were chatting as they prepared for their latest mission.

Hyatt paused. "Excel? Do you ever think about our future? What will we do when we can no longer work for ACROSS? We won't be young forever."

"We have no future!!" Excel shouted. "Our ultimate fate is to die in the service of Il-Palazzo-sama!! To die permanently, I mean. What could be more heroic, more tragic, and more romantic, than—"

Hyatt wasn't listening. She was lying on the floor, in a slowly spreading pool of her own blood.

Excel sighed. "Ha-chan, you take the fun out of everything."

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