Eric (kb9vcn) wrote in ea_fanworks,

Who Wants Stuffing (Galaxy Angel)

Title: Who Wants Stuffing
Based on: Galaxy Angel
Type: Humor; 100 words
Warnings: None.

Galaxy Angel © BROCCOLI / Madhouse / Bandai Visual / Bandai Entertainment.

Milfeulle had brought a tea tray to the shooting range, to offer refreshments to Forte during a break from target practice.

"By the way," Milfeulle said, "I couldn't help but notice that your targets are pictures of Normad."

"Yeah," Forte said, "but I have to say that using them isn't as satisfying as shooting the real thing."

Milfeulle sweat-dropped. "Oh?"

"The terrified squealing of his pathetic little high-pitched voice..." Forte mused. "And the way my bullets just tear through his soft stuffing..."

As Forte began to giggle in a deeply disturbing way, Milfeulle slowly and nervously backed away from her.

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