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Candlej**k (200 words)

Title: Candlej**k
Based on: Rozen Maiden
Type: Humor; 200 words (100+100)
Warnings: None.

In SCREAM-O-VISION!! Thanks to Anonymous for inspiration:

Freakazoid © Amblin Entertainment / Warner Bros. Animation.
Rozen Maiden © PEACH-PIT / Nomad / Geneon.

Hinaichigo knocked at Suiseiseki's case. "I can't sleep nano!"

Suiseiseki opened her case. "Go back to sleep, chibi chibi," she whispered, "before Candlejunk sees you desu."

"Who's Candlejunk?" asked Hinaichigo.

Suiseiseki narrowed her eyes. "She steals dolls from their cases at night, and takes them to her N-space... and they never come back desu!!"

"Why does she do that?" Hinaichigo asked.

Suiseiseki shrugged. "She's a nut desu."

"Oh," said Hinaichigo.

"But she can't get you," Suiseiseki said, "unless you say her name desu."

Hinaichichigo gulped. "But we did say her name nano!"

"Eep!!" said Suiseiseki. "Maybe she didn't hear de


Jun awoke to the shrill screams of Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki. He put on his glasses, and found Suigintou slowly flying past, wearing a bag over her head and dragging away the other two dolls with a rope.

"Oh, fer cryin' out loud!!" Jun said irritably. "What's going on!?"

Suiseiseki stopped screaming long enough to breathe. "IT'S CANDLEJUNK DESU!!"

"WHAT!?" said Jun. "It's Suigintou with a bag over her head!! Is 'Candlejunk' some kind of jo

And then, Shinku opened her case. "Why is everyone shouting 'Candlejunk' in the middle of the ni

I'm going to need more rope, Suigintou thought.

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