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The Enigma Of Suigintou Foamed (Rozen Maiden)

Title: The Enigma Of Suigintou Foamed
Based on: Rozen Maiden
Type: Humor; 200 words
Warnings: None.

This kinda works as a stand-alone joke, but it's mostly a parody of an infamous horror manga. (WARNING: Link will give you nightmares!)

Rozen Maiden © PEACH-PIT / Nomad / Geneon.

Suigintou appeared at the open window of Megu's hospital room. She slowly pulled a large block of styrofoam through the window after her.

"What have you brought me, little angel?" Megu asked.

Suigintou placed the thick styrofoam packing in front of Megu, open face up, and pointed at a deep indentation molded into it. "Look, Megu."

"How cute!" Megu said. "The indentation looks just like you!... Um, Suigintou? What are you doing?"

A solemn Suigintou was stripping down to her undergarments. "This hole is my silhouette. It is based on me. We both know what I must do."

Megu giggled. "Don't be silly, little angel! It's only a coincidence—"

"I'm not joking! Don't make fun of me!" Suigintou positioned herself over the styrofoam. "This is my hole! It was made for me! I have to go in!"

And then, Suigintou lowered herself into the styrofoam face-down. She sank into place with unpleasant squeaky noises.

"Now what?" Megu asked.

Suigintou wriggled once or twice, and then she tried to answer. "*mmmph*"

"Are you stuck?"


Megu reached out over the helpless Suigintou's body. "Don't worry. I'll pull you out... in a minute. But first, *I* have some tickling to do!"


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