Eric (kb9vcn) wrote in ea_fanworks,

Eating Me Out Of House And Home (Saber Marionette J)

Title: Eating Me Out Of House And Home
Based on: Saber Marionette J
Type: Humor; 100 words
Warnings: None.

Saber Marionette J © Bandai Visual / Sotsu Agency / TV Tokyo.

Otaru came home to find Bloodberry frantically gnawing on the doorjamb of the open front door. "Uh, Bloodberry?..." he asked.

"So. Very. Hungry," Bloodberry said. "Did you bring any food with you?"

"No," Otaru said. "I'm still flat broke. But there must be some food left somewhere around here."

Lime trotted up, once again bearing something on a tray that was thankfully burned beyond recognition. "Look, Otaru! I made dinner!"

"Where do you find... those?" Otaru asked.

Lime shrugged. "Dunno. Around."

Otaru turned back, pulled a splinter from the doorjamb, and morosely chewed on it. "Tastes like chicken," he lied.

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