Eric (kb9vcn) wrote in ea_fanworks,

Reach Out And Touch Someone (Hand Maid May)

Title: Reach Out And Touch Someone
Based on: Hand Maid May
Type: Humor; 100 words
Warnings: Mild adult humor.

Hand Maid May © Pioneer / Geneon.

"Sara?" asked Kazuya. "I can't find my cellphone. Could I make a call from 'your' phone?"

"Of course." The cyberdoll held her thumb and pinky up like a phone, and offered her hand to Kazuya.

"I've taken calls from you," Kazuya said, "but I've never placed a call. How do I dial the number?"

Sara suddenly blushed furiously. "You want to dial it manually? ...alright. I'd like that too, hon."

Kazuya blinked. "Wait— what?"

Sara began to loosen her clothing with her free hand. "Don't worry... I won't tell anyone..."

Kazuya panicked. "Can't I just tell you the number instead!?"

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