Eric (kb9vcn) wrote in ea_fanworks,

Leeky Abstractions (part 3) (Vocaloid+UTAU)

Published 30-Nov-2015; humor; 100 words.

For the 31_days "the spirits of the gods" prompt.

This contains mild adult humor. Reader discretion is advised.

Gumi and Lily were eating lunch with Miku, who had eagerly ordered spring-onion soup.

Miku took a first spoonful. She breathed out heavily and clasped her hands to her chest.

"Uh, Miku?" asked Lily. "You OK there?"

"This soup is... HEAVENLY," Miku gasped.

"I think she's having a religious experience," an amused Gumi said.

Miku took a second spoonful. Her eyes rolled back slightly as she softly moaned.

"Actually, it looks like she's having a much more 'worldly' experience," Lily said.

"Excuse me!" Gumi said to the waiter. "Can I send back my carrot soup? I'll have what she's having."
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