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31_days 2006 Theme Exchange

This entry is an index to my 31_days 2006 Theme Exchange challenges. I posted one drabble a day (plus one spam-fic) during the month of January 2007— one for 30 different anime titles, plus one for Doctor Who.

These challenges were compiled by anenko. Thanks!

(1) I'll be with you when the stars start falling
"Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream
Oh My Goddess!; humor; 100 words

(2) oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight
"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton
Please Teacher!; humor; 100 words

(3) I've had trouble sleeping with both eyes closed
"Flawed Design" by Stabilo
You're Under Arrest!; humor; 100 words

(4) a heart worth breaking
"How You Remind Me" by Nickleback
Ai Yori Aoshi; angst / humor?; 100 words

(5) if you want it, baby, well you can bleed on me
"Let it Bleed" by Rolling Stones
Fate/stay night; general / humor; 100 words

(6) kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
"Time" by Pink Floyd
Photon; humor; 100 words

(7) not a real green dress, that's cruel
"If I Had A $1,000,000" by Barenaked Ladies
All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuki; humor; 100 words

(8) you're all alone and the dummies might be right
"My Music At Work" by The Tragically Hip
Doctor Who; humor; 100 words

(9) one more beautiful day to survive
"Beautiful Day" by Tom Cochrane
Noir; humor; 100 words

(10) you wear sandals in the snow
"Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar; humor; 100 words

(11) you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
"Barbie Girl" by Aqua
Hand Maid May; humor; 100 words

(12) and what costume shall the poor girl wear to all tomorrow's parties?
"All Tomorrow's Parties" by the Velvet Underground
Genshiken; humor; 100 words

(13) I am the fountain of affection
"When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down)" by Great Big Sea
Love Hina; general / humor; 100 words

(14) mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs
"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap
Fruits Basket; humor; 100 words

(15) find yourself up against another brick wall
"Another Place to Fall" by KT Tunstall
Lupin III; humor; 100 words

(16) I wish I was the moon tonight
"I Wish I Was the Moon" by Neko Case
Hyper Police; humor; 100 words

(17) for what does settler imply, if not the willingness to settle?
"The New Zero" by Rasputina
NieA under 7; humor; 100 words

(18) in my arms I'll hold another day
"Strange Cup of Tea" by Sister Hazel
Martian Successor Nadesico; humor; 100 words

(19) and I'll pull your crooked teeth
"Ava Adore" by Smashing Pumpkins
Neon Genesis Evangelion; humor; 100 words

(20) the curious scribblings of one who has everything
"Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful" by David Usher
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya; humor / parody; 100 words

(21) I could change my life to better suit your mood
"Smooth" by Santana
Kodocha; humor; 100 words

(22) I am bigger than everything that came before
"Gravel" by Ani DiFranco
Saber Marionette J; humor; 100 words

(23) she won't let you fly, but she might let you sing
"Mother" by Pink Floyd
Magical Project S; humor; 100 words

(24) we're all dying to take our shoes off
"Happy Homemaker" by Melanie Doane
Happy Lesson; humor; 100 words

(25) and that's how you learn to become invisible
"Judas" by Antje Duvekot
Tenchi Muyo!; humor / parody; 100 words

(26) they don't know that I like it here
"Everything for Free" by K's Choice
Golden Boy; humor; 100 words

(27) would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair
"Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure; humor; 100 words

(28) I hope I die before I get old
"My Generation" by The Who
Excel Saga; humor; 100 words

(29) take a look to the sky just before you die
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica
El-Hazard; humor; 100 words

(30) with clouds between their knees
"Superman" by Five For Fighting
Galaxy Angel; humor; 100 words

(31) there's nothing like the freedom of a place where no one listens
"Down to Nowhere" by Thea Gilmore
Azumanga Daioh; humor; about 1500 words

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